The Petition and Reporting Tool

The Petition

We have created a petition that you can easily sign to show your support for our efforts to brign attention to systemic violence in Dallas and elsewhere. The petion covers broad areas in which this project will advocate.

The Reporting Tool

TPI has also created an easy-to-use reporting tool for anyone to document instances of violence that they have experienced or witnessed, including discrimination and harassment. If we have enough responses, we will add vizualizations here to show various aspects of the violence being reported.

Next Steps

TPI has already contacted the District Attorney about the changes we are demanding (see letter here), and they have concurred that there are systemic problems at their offices and also with the Dallas Sheriff’s Department, DART, and local police departments. We will be seeking a variety of means to use our reports and other work and experience to push all the entities identified herein to be accountable to their violence.

The Issues

Social Services

Social services — from housing to jobs programs to clothing closets — will often exclude trans persons by either forcing participation by birth gender or outright exclusion. Such practices constitute violence in themselves, and promote non-acceptance and violence by others.


The police system promotes violence against marginalized persons in our trans and queer families, and it cannot be rectified until we reduce the power of the police and substitute support for social services that address the sources of social harm.

The “Justice” System

The justice system — from district attorneys to courts to confinement facilities — exhibits bias in the representation (often misrepresentation) of trans persons with discriminatory treatment, harsher sentences, and violence in the prison systems.

Public Services

Public services such as Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) target and harass trans and other marginalized persons in who they chose to cite for fare evasion and fine for other violations. And in the case of DART, the agency has refused to abide by federally mandated nondiscrimination policy.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact Trans Pride Initiative either about our programs or about getting involved, please contact us to see how you can become involved!

TPI’s main web site is located at

TPI has a sexual health and awareness web site at

TPI has also teamed with two attorneys to challenge the constitutionality of Texas Family Code 45.103, which we believe is unconstitutional due to its disproportionate impact trans persons needing name changes. For more information, see